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Application Form

Alright, first of all we'd (theangstmonkey and razberrycreme) like to thank you all for coming here and checking out this form.
Please fill this out only because you want to, alright? Not because someone else told you to do it. And be sure to check out the user info because that might answer some questions you might have.

And as another note, if you don't like shounen-ai/yaoi or shoujo ai/yuri, you probably shouldn't apply.

Good Luck!!!

And thanks so much for applying!
here's the form:

Name of Gundam Wing character you wish to play:

Possible livejournal user names for character:

Pretend I've never seen GW, tell me all about this character:

What are your views on the other characters? (tell about your opinions on the main characters (since how you view them may affect how your character interacts with them), and you may add some other characters you deem important if you like, though the latter is optional)

What relationships are important to the character you are applying for?

Why do you want to be this character?

Why should we pick you to be this character?

Could you please give us a sample entry?
Say, if you got this character and this sample entry would be your first entry.

Please copy and paste onto an e-mail and e-mail it to Please do not comment and put your application there, send it to the e-mail. And don't forget to tell us your livejournal user name in the e-mail, or else we won't know who you are!

Much obliged!

If you have any comments, concerns......etc., you can either e-mail us, comment, or AIM us at comfortingrain or TheAngstMonkey.
Thanks again, and may the best character win!
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